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Are you looking for some help getting started with the Stock Market Game or are you looking for something new to take the Stock Market Game to the next level with your classes?   Join the Stock Market Game coordinator in a in-person or live online webinar. There is no cost to participate and no obligation to use the program.  Don’t see an event that works for you?  Let us know and we will schedule one.  There are also a few recorded ones available.


We do not have many in-person workshops schedule but you are welcome to request one and we will do our best to try to schedule one in your location.  Minimum of 5 teachers required.


New and veteran teachers are invited to participate in an online training session for teachers with our national office.  Follow this link to view schedule of Spring 2018 Life Training Webinars being held in winter/spring:


  1. SMG Basics (1hr) – Getting Started, Teacher Support Center, & student portfolios
  2. Invest It Forward (1hr) – learn how industry professionals can assist in enhancing participation in the SMG program
  3. InvestWrite (1hr) – learn how to utilize InvestWrite, our national and state-wide essay competition as a great culminating activity for the SMG program
  4. Basic Company Research (30 min) – using Yahoo and Nasdaq, basic terminology and company headlines will be reviewed
  5. Winning with Diversification (1hr) – strategies for building a diversified portfolio with stocks, bonds, ETF’s and mutual funds.
  6. Let’s Trade Today! (30 min) – A quick overview of the SMG portfolio and how to get Stock Market Game student trading in their portfolio.
  7. Trading Mutual Funds (30 min) – researching and trading mutual funds in the SMG program
  8. Trading ETF’s (30 min) – comparing and contrasting ETFs and mutual funds
  9. Weekly Portfolio Analysis (30 min) – team analysis of major indexes and portfolio holdings

The instructions for joining a webinars will be sent via email to teachers that have registered teams for the SMG.


The following links are recorded webinars that you are welcome to watch at your leisure:

Can’t find one that works for you or do you want to suggest a topic?  Please contact Angela at or call 316-978-5183.