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The Financial Foundations for Kids (FF4Kids) video program is just part of the resources for you to use in your classroom to help teach economics and personal finance while integrating language arts and math. FF4Kids was created in 2005 as the free resources for Kansas schools when the mandate came in for personal finance and economics.  The full original program is still available using Chrome browsers and allowing flash player.  The full program will not function after December 2020.  We have recorded the screens and turned this into a regular video program and have placed these videos on Vimeo, an ad-free video platform, and updated teacher’s guides along with creating some new resources.  We are currently working on re-creating math and other actvities so stay tuned!

FULL VERSION ACCESS will also give you access to math activities and drag and drop activities.  It will not function on an iPad but if other systems can access full version if flash is allowed.  Note:  Some schools may have that blocked so check with tech person if it does not function.  Details information can be found in the front of each teacher’s guide.  If you cannot use full version linked below, use the videos linked in the teacher’s guide or on the Vimeo website.

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Assessments for pre/post testing are created for teachers to use.  These will automatically grade and provide a score on the screen.  We cannot collect assessment information so the student is responsible relaying/printing the score or capture the score on the screen.

Level K Assessment:

Level 1 Assessment:

Level 2 Assessment:

Level 3 Assessment:

Level 4 Assessment:

Level 5 Assessment:

Level 6 Assessment:

Level 7 Assessment:

Level 8 Assessment:  https://wichitastate.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eRHVKdHM1IB1VtP