Financial Foundations for Kids (K-8th)



Are you looking for a single tool to teach K-8th grade students about:

  • Economics
  • Personal Finance
  • Math, and
  • Language Arts?

Look no further – Financial Foundations for Kids is available to Kansas schools for FREE!

About Financial Foundations for Kids (FF4Kids)

Created by Kansans for Kansas youth in 2005, the FF4Kids courseware contains a total of 28 hours of interactive learning for students in grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Each of the 75 lessons provides approximately 20 – 50 minutes of instruction.  FF4Kids is a comprehensive standards-based curriculum that helps integrate personal financial literacy and its underlying economic principles into existing language arts and math curriculums.

All Kansas schools can use FF4Kids at no cost.  This resource was created in Flash and until December of 2020 you can still use the full version if you can enable flash player and register to use the full Flash program.  If you have already registered, your previous password can be used or retrieved here.  See the teacher’s guide for more information.  We have converted most of the resource to video format and those links are included below but do not have the drag and drop math activities.  QUESTIONS? Contact KCEE at (316) 978-5183 or to answer any questions.

Updates to this resource and Teacher’s Guides made possible by:
Lattner Family Foundation

Original development made possible by:
Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Kansas Health Foundation
Financial Fitness Foundation
NexLearn, LLC



Visit the FF4KIDS TEACHER RESOURCES page for more helpful resources. Teacher Guides, Assessments and much more!

Downloadable Teachers’ Guide with supplemental resources and classroom activities

Download a Video Episode Completion Chart FF4K Student Chart

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Through December 2020 you still have the ability to run the full program with the Flash math and drag & drop activities.  You can register to access the full version using Chrome browser and allow Flash at

The links below will take you directly to the videos.

FFFK_2buddy bargain

Buddy Bargain introduces students to basic economic terms and concepts through his interactions with family, friends, and neighbors. Students learn how money is used, how families generate incomes, about producers and consumers, and many other economic and personal finance concepts in a fun, kid-friendly environment.

Download K-2 Teacher’s Guide

Level K: Program 1 – How Money Works

Level K: Program 2 – How Families Make Money

Level 1: Program 1 – Producing Producers

Level 1: Program 2 – Getting Goods and Services

Level 1: Program 3 – Making Money Choices

Level 2: Program 1 – Buying and Selling

Level 2: Program 2 – Spending or Stashing Your Cash

Level 2: Program 3 – Picking Between Price Tags

FFFK_3Sydney Goodcents

Sidney Goodcents reinforces and expands on many of the concepts presented by Buddy Bargain in the K-2 curriculum, while introducing more sophisticated concepts such as the role of government, financial institutions, lending and borrowing, and markets. Sydney and her friends use these new concepts to help make better decisions as they encounter economic and financial dilemmas.

Download 3-5 Teacher’s Guide

Level 3: Program 1 – Dollar Dilemmas

Level 3: Program 2 – Money Mayhem

Level 3: Program 3 – Earning, Income & Incentives

Level 4: Program 1 – The Trade-off Tug of War

Level 4: Program 2 – A Supply and Demand Market

Level 5: Program 1 – Decisions, Decisions

Level 5: Program 2 – Making a Buck

Level 5: Program 3 – Helping Bankers Help You

Level 5: Program 4 – The Tax Man

FFFK_4FFFK_1moolah report

The Moolah Report introduces more advanced personal financial management skills through a TV News program format. The teenage newscasters demonstrate through news stories and interviews with people from the community how important education and good financial management skills are to a successful life.

Download 6-8 Teacher’s Guide – DRAFT

Level 6: Program 1 – The Budget Balancing Act

Level 6: Program 2 – The Specs on Specialization

Level 7: Program 1 – Personal and Public Benefits

Level 7: Program 2 – Investing in Your Future

Level 8: Program 1 – Income, Incentives, and Institutions

Level 8: Program 2 – Starting the Savings Snowball

Level 8: Program 3 – Mastering Your Money