Personal Finance Pacing Guide (9th-12th)

KCEEPacingGuideWe have created a “work-in-progress” pacing guide for a semester personal finance course.  The economics-based lessons listed for each theme are available from KCEE, our national network, Council for Economic Education.  As you can see, there are many resources to help meet the standards with many using technology and active learning.

The resources mentioned in this document are distributed for FREE to high school personal finance teachers at our annual Financial Fitness Extravaganza (FFE) where we also teach them how to use it.  The FFE is also a place where teachers can hear from speakers in these fields as they give updated information and additional resources for teaching personal finance in high school classrooms.

To request a copy of this pacing guide, please email with your request so we can know who is using to be able to share updates when they are available.