Stock Market Game (4th-adult)



New teachers are encouraged to watch a video or participate in a live training.

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Stock Market Game Usage Map for 2016-17 School Year

Stock Market Game Usage Map for 2016-17 School Year



Public and private schools in Kansas with teams of students in 3rd-12th grade are eligible to participate for FREE thanks to our sponsors. All home school, college, adult or others can participate at a cost of $10/team.

Trading Session Options for the 2017-18 School Year:  Student trading sessions are setup in 10 or 14-week times for the Fall and Spring semesters.  Teachers have access to the lesson plans for the entire semester but the actual student portfolio trading takes place within a 10 or 14-week option.

FALL 2017

  • September 11 to December 15, 2017 (14-weeks) – Participate in as much of this time period as your schedule permits.  Final rankings for prizes are based on December 15 value.
  • October 10 to December 15, 2017 (10-weeks)


  • January 16 to April 20, 2018 (14-weeks) – Participate in as much of this time period as your schedule permits.  Final rankings for prizes are based on April 20 value.
  • February 12 to April 20, 2018 (10-weeks)

How to Register & Find Teacher Resources:

Determine your trading session from the session dates above and then visit The Stock Market Game website and click on the REGISTER tab.  Select Kansas and then fill out the information requested. If you are unsure of your classes/teams needed, guess as best as you can.  You can ask to have it changed later.

VIDEO – Stock Market Game Basics

More Training Options: 

Please visit the Stock Market Game Training Page

About the Stock Market Game:

Students who participate in the Stock Market Game™ (SMG) have higher scores in math and personal finance exams than those who do not participate.  The SMG works well for all learning styles and teachers and students both learn more about saving and investing. Full lesson plans for grades 4-12 are provided so teachers do not need a background in investing nor spend time preparing lessons.  Lessons help meet Common Core Standards and are also great for 21st century readiness.    Try the SMG in your classroom this semester!

Kansas 4th-12th grade classrooms are invited to participate in The Stock Market Game™ Program at no cost as long as teams have at least 2-3 students per team.  No individual teams will be allowed at no cost.

During the 14-weeks sessions we will also have a friendly teacher competition for those teachers with registered classes.  You will be asked to participate when you register. There will be random prize drawings, prizes for top portfolios, award dinner invitation, etc.

Want to learn more?  Visit the Stock Market Game website below or contact Angela at 316-978-5183 or email


Contact Angela at or call 316-978-5183.


History of the Stock Market Game in Kansas

The Stock Market Game™ Program has been offered in Kansas since 1977 by the Kansas Council for Economic Education.  It was administered through the Center for Economic Education at Kansas State University for many years before coming to the Kansas Council for Economic Education in 2001.

The SMG is owned and operated by the SIFMA’s Foundation for Investor Education.


Previous Year Team Fee Sponsors:

  • BNSF Railway Foundation bnsf_logo
  • Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner’s Investor Education and Protection Fund KS_KSCLogo_Black-Gold_PMS.eps
  • The SIFMA Foundation
  • Kansas Council for Economic Education Donors