Stock Market Game Resources

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In addition to all the great resources in the Teacher Support Center for the Stock Market Game, we have kept track of a few others that are also helpful:

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Website/Description Grade Elem (E) Middle (M) High (H)  & Teachers


LET’S TRADE TODAY – CLASSROOM SERIES #1:  Recorded overview on VIMEO you can share with your students that provides a description of what students will be doing in the SMG.  Topics include capital markets intro, selecting your investments, strategies research & trades, managing team portfolios, rankings, etc.  This video was created by an experienced classroom teacher. M, H, Teachers
REAL WORLD INVESTING WITH THE STOCK MARKET GAME – CLASSROOM SERIES #2:  Recorded overview on VIMEO you can share with your students to help them learn to research and more.  Capital markets, industry sector diversification, risk & reward, keys to great research, fundamental analysis, etc. This video was created by an experienced classroom teacher. M, H, Teachers
TEACHER RESOURCES TRAINING – Recorded comprehensive overview of the SMG Teacher Support Center that houses all the lessons & projects. Teachers
HOW TO REGISTER TRAINING –  Recorded overview of how to register your classes for the first time. Teachers
SMG Common Core Flyer – Explains how the SMG can help with Common Core Teachers
Stock Research Form – Questions you should ask about a company before buying.
SMG Stock Research Worksheet – Teacher Guide– for teachers to help understand the information on the form.
Recorded Webinar:  Nancy King explains this worksheet and how to use it with elementary or middle school students newer to investing. Stock Research Worksheet 201 – This webinar is a companion to the above worksheet & webinar.
How to InvestWrite Webinar – Add a meaningful way to practice fundamental research and writing skills while meeting common core standards and 21st Century Skills.  This activity also gives students and teachers a chance to win great prizes such as a trip to Wall Street. Teachers
Kansas Maximum Equity Rule – Explains the purpose of the equity rule and shows students how the math works behind the rule. Kansas is currently at a 20% rule. E, M, H
How to Make a Trade (check back for updated video) E, M, H
American Alphabet – Activity for looking at product logos E, M, H
Jim’s Birthday Present – Great activity to help students get started thinking about a company to buy that they will be interested in and understand their products. Teachers
Short Selling Handout – Helps explain short selling M, H
The Seven Rules of Wall Street – Recorded webinar by Sam Stovall on his well known book.  Sam examines the seven old Wall Street adages to determine if they still hold true today. H
Buy or Bail – Recorded webinar by Sam Stovall H
Museum of American Finance:  Recorded Webinar introducing the Museum of American Finance by the Senior Educator, Chris Meyer.  This museum is the nation’s only independent museum dedicated to preserving, exhibiting and teaching about American finance and financial history. M, H
The PNC Christmas Price Index Project  – Twelve ways to bring “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to a new generation.  For just over 30 years the PNC Christmas Price Index has been delighting classrooms across the country.  Click on the link to get to the educator page for the Stock Market Game activity sheet. Teachers
Looking for more handouts? Log in with your advisor ID and go to the publications section and look at the newsletters “In the News” for high school/middle school or use the “Stock Talk” newsletters for elementary/middle school students or students. These handouts are great reading activities that contain lots of charts, graphs & a usually a writing component. Great for Common Core! E, M, H
Troubleshooting E, M, H
EconEdLink – a website full of hundreds of lessons by grade and concept.  Great way to use technology in the classroom. E, M, H


Please contact Angela Howdeshell at or 316-978-5183 if you have any questions or concerns.  If you cannot find information on a specific topic that you would like, please let me know and we will do our best to find more information for you from our many other resources.