The Kansas Council for Economic Education is a nonprofit organization
providing economic and personal finance education
support to K-12 teachers in Kansas.

Physical Location:  Kansas Council for Economic Education, 1845 Fairmount St., Clinton Hall Room #040, Wichita, KS 67260-0203

Mailing Address:  Kansas Council for Economic Education, 1845 Fairmount St., WSU Campus Box 203, Wichita, KS 67260-0203

Contact List:

  • General Contact – KCEE@wichita.edu, 316-978-5183, FAX 316-978-5164
  • Jim Graham, Jim.Graham@wichita.edu, 316-978-5165
  • Angela Howdeshell, Angela.Howdeshell@wichita.edu, 316-978-5335


The Kansas Council on Economic Education (KCEE) was founded in 1959 on the campus of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. Its initial focus was to equip teachers with the resources and skills needed to educate the youth of Kansas with knowledge of personal finance and economics. From its inception, the Council has been positioned to serve the whole state of Kansas, although its location has changed several times. For a short stint during the 1960s, the Council was located at Washburn University; then it was moved back to KSU. In 1993, KCEE’s office was again moved, this time from Manhattan to the campus of Wichita State University, where it is presently hosted by the W. Frank Barton School of Business. In 2011 KCEE received a new look and is now doing business as the Kansas Council for Economic Education.

Over 50 years later, the Council has increased the number and quality of its programs and services. Yet, through all this growth, KCEE’s central purpose – to support teachers in educating youth (grades K-12) to be literate in personal finance and economics – has not changed.

Welcome KCEE: 
The following link is the welcome page when KCEE was brought into the network of economic education.
1959 Newsletter Cover Welcoming Kansas

1959 – The KCEE was Founded in Manhattan
1962 – KCEE was moved to the Washburn University Campus
1967 – KCEE returned to Kansas State University Campus
1977 – The Stock Market Game (SMG) was created and KCEE adopted it as a program
1993 – KCEE was relocated to the Wichita State University Campus
1997 – KCEE adopted LifeSmarts as a program
2001 – KCEE held the first Financial Fitness Institute (a reinvention of our past PEP program)
2002 – KCEE held the first Kansas Economics Challenge
2002 – KCEE held the first Kansas Economics Poster Contest
2005 – Financial Foundations for Kids was created for Kansas Teachers
2008 – KCEE held the first Kansas Personal Finance Challenge
2009 – KCEE celebrated 50 years
2011 – KCEE changes the logo and adopts “for” instead of “on” in the name
2013 – KCEE held the first statewide Financial Fitness Extravaganza teacher conference
2019 – KCEE celebrated 60 years

Please consider allowing KCEE to help your local school provide more economics and personal finance education. We’ll show your teachers easy ways to integrate economics and personal finance into almost any subject area and grade level. 

The Council is currently hosted by the Frank W. Barton School of Business at Wichita State University but is affiliated with each of the six state universities. Each university’s Center for Economic Education is a supported partner of the KCEE.

KCEE offers graduate credit courses through the six Centers for Economic Educationat ESU, FHSU, KSU, KU, PSU and WSU. Additionally, the Council offers dozens of non-credit workshops and professional development opportunities across the state. Customized in-service training at schools is also a service of the KCEE, often in partnership with the Kansas Centers for Economic Education.

The Kansas Council for Economic Education is part of an affiliated international network led by the Council for Economic Education (CEE), previously known as the National Council for Economic Education. CEE is a recognized leader in economic education. The CEE’s educational resources, available for discounted order through KCEE, are of the very best quality, developed and classroom-tested by experienced educators in the field of economics.

CEE’s mission is to “advocate for better and greater school-based economic and personal finance education at the K-12 level; and to educate young people in the United States and around the world.”  You may learn more about the Council for Economic Education on the web.


Although KCEE works independently from the Council for Economic Education, many of our curriculum resources are provided through this organization. Additionally, the Council for Economic Education facilitates membership in EconEdLink.org, an online resource for teachers with a free membership.