Financial Foundations for Kids (K-8th)


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Are you looking for a single tool to teach K-8th grade students about:

  • Economics
  • Personal Finance
  • Math, and
  • Language Arts?

Look no further – Financial Foundations for Kids is available to Kansas schools for FREE thanks to sponsors!

About Financial Foundations for Kids (FF4Kids)

Financial Foundations for Kids (FF4Kids) is a set of 75 videos designed to help K-8 teachers integrate personal financial literacy and its underlying economic principles into classrooms at an age when students are developing their financial habits.  These important principles are presented through animated, interactive stories featuring a variety of age-appropriate and relatable child characters that have a varied degree of money-savvy.  The companion Teacher’s Guide available on the website will provide supplemental lesson plans and resources to complement the concepts in the videos including a literature connection.  Assessments, Kahoot/Quizlet activities and more can be found on the website at

FF4Kids was created by Kansans for Kansas youth in 2005.  All Kansas schools can use FF4Kids courseware at no cost.  Be sure to download the teacher’s guides and more resources at  QUESTIONS? Contact KCEE at (316) 978-5183 or to answer any questions.

2018-2020 Updates were made possible by:
The Lattner Family Foundation

Original development made possible by:
Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Kansas Health Foundation
Financial Fitness Foundation
NexLearn, LLC

Original distribution and teacher training made possible by:
Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Federal Home Loan Bank – Topeka, and
the Cloud L. Cray Foundation


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FFFK_2buddy bargain

Buddy Bargain introduces students to basic economic terms and concepts through his interactions with family, friends, and neighbors. Students learn how money is used, how families generate incomes, about producers and consumers, and many other economic and personal finance concepts in a fun, kid-friendly environment.

Introduces Money and its uses, Goods and Services, Consumers and Producers, Jobs and Income, Making Choices and more.

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FFFK_3Sydney Goodcents

Sidney Goodcents reinforces and expands on many of the concepts presented by Buddy Bargain in the K-2 curriculum, while introducing more sophisticated concepts such as the role of government, financial institutions, lending and borrowing, and markets. Sydney and her friends use these new concepts to help make better decisions as they encounter economic and financial dilemmas.

Reinforces K-2 concepts and introduces Markets, Economic Resources, Opportunity Cost, Saving, Borrowing, Financial Institutions, Costs and Benefits, Competition, Specialization, Incentives, Government Goods and Services and more.

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FFFK_4FFFK_1moolah report

The Moolah Report introduces more advanced personal financial management skills through a TV News program format. The teenage newscasters demonstrate through news stories and interviews with people from the community how important education and good financial management skills are to a successful life.

Reinforces the basics and introduces higher level economic and financial concepts such as Productivity, Payment Methods, Principal and Interest, Rate of Return, Risk, Taxes, Inflation and Deflation, Employee Benefits, Human Capital, Compound Interest, Economic Institutions and more.

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